December 7th 2019

Elections Do Lead To Change

Its early days yet, but I still keep receiving requests from residents about issues that relate to the Ward. There is a surprise when I inform them that I am no longer the City Councillor for Wednesfield North!
They then go on to say "but can't you just do this for me?" This tells me that there are a large number of people that just do not know what is going on, because they neither buy an evening newspaper, and or perhaps never listen to the news on the radio.

I know that they feel offended when I point them in the direction of the three Wednesfield North Councillors' that have been elected, but this is the way of the World! It is nothing personal on my part, it is just that all the power and privilege that enables you to act on behalf of people is vested in the elected office.

When I turn people away it is not because I am upset it is just that I am no longer equipped legally or otherwise to involve myself in their business and make the difference.

I am however during the Summer months to sit down with colleagues and see what can be offered here in Wednesfield North that may provide some of the advice and linkages that some members of our community are clearly hankering for. It is as I have said 'early days' at the moment and the effects of the City Council election is still rippling through our community.

Finally a very big thank you from me for all the phone calls and letters that I have had from constituents following the election. It has been very moving to receive so many nice comments from you all.

Author: Phil bateman

Article Date: 9th May 2008