May 26th 2024

Councillors Angry At Bin Decision

Wednesfield North Labour Councillors today criticised a decision by Wolverhampton Homes to remove individual waste bins from homes that are situated above Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.
Councillor Dave Jones said the decision has been arbitrary without proper consultation and flies in the face of the aims of Wolverhampton Homes.

Residents only received correspondence of the change in their waste collection posted to them in a letter dated the 22nd March and received on that date. This informed them that a structural change in their waste collection would take place on the 26th March!

I want to make it very clear that the residents feel very aggrieved by this decision to remove individual waste bins and supply them with 'community bins' that are not themselves enclosed, but chained in a public place out on a service road!."

Councillor Phil Bateman added "The residents are very upset and I can understand their grievance.

In the Wolverhampton Homes Delivery Plan for 2007/8 Wolverhampton Homes flags up how important partnership is with their customers through collaboration and involvement of the wider community .

But if this was a real meaningful statement and that they truly meant what they had written which was to, ' make a real difference to the quality of peoples lives living in Wolverhampton'.

Then they would immediately withdraw this dictat and work with the residents."

Councillor Dave Jones further added " Many residents will not be able to access the new 'community bins' safely or without help. One of the residents can only walk with a stick, she will be expected through the day and night to come out of her house with rubbish balanced, walk through a gate then make a descent down steps into the service road and then dump her rubbish! In all types of weather! Then make a return to her home.

Others are with young family and will find it awkward and will have to make many such journey's. "

The bins themselves are in a dangerous situation and will be prone to vandals arsonist and perhaps worse . We are already having wheelie bins being stolen and set on fire!"

Both Councillors Jones and Bateman have real grave safety fears that youths will use the bins in a way that will increase the arson attacks already taking place on the estate, and in the immediate vicinity of these properties. They have written to Wolverhampton Homes making a strong plea for a return to the status quo.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 1st April 2007