May 29th 2024

Yes! They Do Work...

There has been some very dubious comments of late about the CCTV cameras on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.
Indeed one of the contributors to the 'Discussion Page' at the back of this web site openly questioned if the CCTV were working?

Councillor Phil Bateman said " I can inform residents that the CCTV is working and apparently it is working well enough for the local police team!

There is a Service Level Agreement with Wolverhampton Homes. The Adults and Communities Department of the City Council monitor the CCTV at Griffiths Drive.

Officers of the Authority confirmed that the cameras are working and the positions are as agreed with the Police."

Councillor Dave Jones said "If it is felt that the positions of the cameras should be moved may I suggest that the residents contact me and I will speak with the police. I know that City Officials are constantly liaising with the Police who frequently call into the call centre to look at the images that the centre has beamed back from the site.

I am further informed that at no time have the Police questioned the quality of the tapes or have shown any concern about the cameras."

Councillor Bateman commenting further said "I hope that this information that Councillor Jones and I have made available will show to the residents of Ashmore Park that the CCTV cameras are serving their purpose."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 11th April 2007