April 14th 2024

Wednesfield North Tree Planting League

Phil & Mary Planting a Tree in the West Park with Barnado's

Councillor Phil Bateman said "I have been asking the Chief Executive of Wolverhampton City Council about how many trees the City Council has planted over the last few years."
I know that Wolverhampton is a 'Green City' take a look from any vantage point and look down on our historic city and you will be amazed at how green this city really is.

But we do need to do more! We have to be up there planting trees making sure that we provide for the future and the present!

The reason is that trees shield us from the sun. They soak up rain from severe storms. They filter pollution from the air, including carbon dioxide the most potent greenhouse gas.

"But it's just not that easy. Trees take a long time to grow, especially when they're planted in tiny plots of soil surrounded by slabs of concrete.

We need to ensure that our citizens participate along with city council and local business, and make this year a special green year. All of us should aim to plant a tree this year. In Wednesfield North that would mean roughly 12,500 trees being planted in homes and gardens. That would be just tremendous for the future well being of our community.

Councillor Dave Jones added "Global warming is coming.... on last nights news they were talking about 4 degree difference for Midlands Cities and Towns.

With greater storms, violent winds, trees are going to have a tough time, that is why they need some help!

Increasing the tree canopy in Wednesfield and in this City is a type of insurance as to what may happen into the future."

Councillor Bateman added "A report on urban forests by the Clean Air Partnership in Canada suggests it takes five years for a city tree to absorb all the carbon dioxide that's gone into putting it there!"

He went onto say " What Councillor Dave Jones and I have discussed is a simple way of recognising the great work that individuals, business and families can do in this quest for a greener 'kooler' Wednesfield!

So here is what is on offer that will give recognition to the tree planters we are encouraging from today.

Join the 'Wednesfield North Tree Planting League' by buying a tree and planting it on your own property.

Email a photograph or provide a name and address and the date and a description of where the tree was planted and I will provide space and recognition on this my own Councillor Phil Bateman On Line web site. In that way your friends neighbours citizens can recognise your community spirit and the way that you want our community to fight Global Warming."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 31st March 2007