April 17th 2024

More Mast News 2!

Councillor Phil Bateman said "Today I have written to Daly International the Agents working for T-Mobile with regard to the pre planning consultation to place a telecommunications mast at Lichfield Road opposite the Broadway Public House.
I have informed them that this application will be contested. I have explained that It is a site that is close to both Oakmeadow Primary School and Coppice Performing Art High School. It is also close to a primary school in New Invention on the Walsall side of the City boundary."

I have given them no room to make a mistake, I have informed them that the application will be rigorously contested especially after the sharp practice that local residents have experienced with T Mobile applications in the other part of the Wednesfield North Ward at Wood End Wednesfield.

I am sure that the local publican at the Broadway will want to have the opportunity to comment as will both Coppice and Oak Meadow schools. I know that some local people have also been writing correspondence and are concerned at the way the site is being eyed by T-Mobile."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 8th October 2006