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Phil Bateman said " Welcome to my web site. I hope that you find it interesting and the items that are published are of use to you. Following the 2012 Wolverhampton City Council Elections, I have now been elected once again as the City Councillor for Wednesfield North.

My address is 3a Broad Lane North Wednesfield Wolverhampton WV12 5UH Promoted by my election agent Geoff Foster 107 D'Eyncourt Road Wolverhampton WV10 0SY This is an election imprint to comply with electoral law.

Up until the 1st May 08 I was the Councillor for Wednesfield North. I lost my seat in the City Council elections on that day.. After four years out of office I ran for election again on the 3rd May 2012.The references on this web site are factual and of course plot the political and social life undertaken.

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council.

Phil and Mary were the Mayor and Mayoress of the City of Wolverhampton during the municipal year 2005 and 2006. Their Mayoral term of Office ended on May 17th 2006. The Mayoral Year is recorded in the Archive section of this web site, visit -have a look at all they undertook in that year and leave a message if you wish!

Phil was awarded the MBE for 'services to transport in the West Midlands', he was presented with the Order in October 2004 by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Phil represented Wednesfield North and South on the former West Midlands County Council, being elected in 1981 serving until 1986 when it was abolished by the then Conservative Government.
Phil Bateman was first elected to Wolverhampton Council in 1984.

In 1987 Phil Bateman became the Labour Party's Parliamentary Candidate for South Staffordshire.He suffered an unexpected set back when he lost his Wolverhampton Council seat in the 1992 Municipal Elections.
Phil was asked to stand again by Wednesfield North Labour Party in 1994 and was returned as a Councillor to Wolverhampton Council in 1994.
He followed this successful election campaigns with further success at the ballot box in 1998,2002 and in 2004. He lost his seat again in the City Council elections in May of 2008. He has now been returned again in 2012 for a further 4 year term.
Born in Montreal Canada in 1950, Phil Bateman arrived in the UK with his parents in the early 50's. Phil can trace the Bateman family roots in Wolverhampton back to the early 1800's. Take a look at the family history which is also on the web site.
Educated at Ashmore Park Primary School and then Wards Bridge Secondary Modern he went onto work in the transport industry with British Rail on leaving school in 1965.
As well as being active in politics Phil is a former Chairman of South Staffordshire Water Consultative Committee. He has held this position as 'consumer champion' for more than 10 years.

Phil's relinquished his full time employment with Travel West Midlands in 2008-He had been the Divisional Corporate Affairs Director, being responsible for Press and Media Relations.

He held a similar role for other NX Bus Division Companies at Travel London,Travel Dundee, Travel Coventry,Travel West Midlands and Travel Midland Metro.

Phil is now self employed. Phil Bateman Consultancy is the vehicle which Phil delivers his consultancy from.

Phil and Mary Bateman raised almost 30,000 for charities during their Mayoral Year in 2005/06. Phil continues to support The Children's Society and Cancer research in a private capacity.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 15th October 2006