June 15th 2024

Booming Wolverhampton!

With Wolverhampton clearly booming with around half a billion pounds already looking to be spent on constructing the new retail centre for the city and the new interchange site focussing on the rail station and adjacent lands.
Councillors Bateman and Dave Jones called for the City Council to 'think even bigger' and act upon the interest of both national and international developers in the city by calling an International Development contest focussing on other areas of the city where development opportunities exist.

Councillor Jones said today " We have been very successful in attracting foreign investment into the City with Multi-Dutch owned- developing the new Summer Row retail expansion. We have all seen the list of new stores waiting for access into this development being displayed in the Express and Star this includes a range of internationally renowned companies.

This is just the right time to push our city even further whilst this interest remains."

Councillor Phil Bateman Enterprise Champion for the city added " I certainly agree with Dave. We will never quite have the same interest as we have now, and we should press very hard to have an International Conference that develops the theme taking place. The Neptune development will create 2,900 jobs in this city, and there is still a lot to offer.

With an international university and college facilities we are geared to succeed. So my appeal is once the election is out of the way lets get booming Wolverhampton even more investment!"

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 28th April 2007