June 15th 2024

Wolverhampton A City Under Transformation

There is a real sense of success in Wolverhampton as new company after new company queues to invest in Wolverhampton.

Councillor Phil Bateman Enterprise Champion today said " I have been really pleased to attend yet another presentation in Civic Centre as we again are presented with a plans for development of our city.

I certainly welcome the 2,900 new jobs that will go with the development of the Interchange Project centred on the rail station. Plus all the news that is coming out of the Public Inquiry in the new 240m New Summer Row development that is currently taking place.

It seems to me that we will be seeing those huge construction cranes pirouetting on our sky line very soon.

Wolverhampton is a City being transformed and one that is going places."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 26th April 2007