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Attracting Unwanted Attention!

Councillor Phil Bateman today said " I have become disturbed by some of the anti social behaviour that takes place at the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade."
He added "As local Councillors we pick up many concerns and many comments during the course of a week. Acting on the needs of constituents we also have to be balanced when weighing up the problem or the community issue that is causing concern.

Recently both Councillor Dave Jones and I have both had complaints made to us about anti social behaviour that is taking place on the shopping parade,both during the day and into the evening."

He further added "I agreed to write and try and involve the City Council and the Police in attempting to remove some of the nuisance of noise. This is exacerbated when youngsters start kicking a football against the shop shutters causing intense noise for the residents who live above the shops. This is a particular annoying problem for the residents especially when it takes place in the evening and some of the younger children are asleep in their beds.

So following a specific complaint I wrote to the Wolverhampton Homes who own the shopping parade, and also have tenants renting dwellings above the shops. I asked Wolverhampton Homes to intervene and I am very pleased to say that I have now had a very positive response from the Area Manager.

He said "We are aware of problems being experienced by residents. One of our anti social behaviour co-coordinators has been in touch with the Head Master at Coppice High School who has advised that school staff are monitoring lunch time nuisance.

With regard to the nuisance being caused during the evening we are investigating what action we can take to alleviate the problem.

This could include applications for Anti Social Behaviour Orders against two of the youths who are behaving anti-socially during the evening.

We are trying to collect evidence from witnesses so that we progress this matter. We have also written to parents of children who we are aware have been involved. As well as considering action against specified individuals we have been liaising with the Police who are aware of the problem and the local Officers and PCSOs are involved in trying to bring an end to the anti-social behaviour."

The Wolverhampton Homes response continued by stating "We will also visit the shops in the parade and inspect the rear yards and garages rented by the shop keepers. If there are any inappropriate items being kept they will be asked to remove them.

I have been advised by the Estate Manager for the area that consideration is being given to gating the stairwell so that access can only be gained by the tenants above. A letter will be sent to local residents to seek their opinions."

Councillor Dave Jones further commenting said " These are always sensitive issues, and of course they have to be dealt with in clear and precise terms. I know that the police have been patrolling the parade during lunch times and I have seen the local constable having a word with school students. But I think the community at large will be pleased to see some action being taken by both the police and the local authority in conjunction with the school to try and reduce the anti social behaviour that is so irritating for those that live above the shops."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 27th March 2007