May 29th 2024

Rats, Speed and Kitchen Lane!

Councillor Dave Jones said today "Further to the local campaigning undertaken on Kitchen Lane with regard to the fast speeds being undertaken in the Lane. We have now been informed that the Local Authority has proposals for improved 'lining and signing' in the lane."
Additional 'Slow' markings will also be provided. The Road Safety team have also used interactive speed warning signs previously which 'flashed' at drivers telling them to 'slow down'.

Instructions have been issued that will see this equipment being erected once again, ensuring that they will be used in both directions within the next six weeks, and on a regular basis after that.

There is therefore quite a lot of activity taking place to ensure that the badly driven cars are warned about the need to drive safely and with care on this highway."

Councillor Phil Bateman added " With regard to the problem of rat infestation, the irruption of rats is mainly around the top part of Kitchen Lane and is associated with
out-buildings and horses.

South Staffordshire District Council is the responsible Local Authority as most of the land is to be found within their Borough Boundary. They are in contact with the owner of the land and have agreed with the City Council that joint action is required.

They are speaking with the out building owners about the need for a baiting programme. I have been informed that if the baiting of the rats are not dealt with by the land owners. They will force them to do so by legal action.

Wolverhampton City Council is to treat the property that is in their ownership. The joint action will I am sure be welcomed by residents living close to the problem area."

Author: Dave Jones

Article Date: 27th March 2007