April 15th 2024

Wolverhampton Going For Growth

Wednesfield North Labour Party Candidate Councillor Dave Jones said today
"The City Election 2007 is going to be a hard fought affair with much at stake. Labour is the Party currently in control of the City. It has presided over a period where Wolverhampton has grown in stature and has been very successful in projecting the City image.

There has been steady improvement inWolverhampton and 60% of its residents now own their own home. The City caters for 6,000 adults every year who want to go into Adult Learning schemes.

The economy is performing well and there are more than 7,100 businesses within which 105,000 people are employed. Despite the decline in manufacturing the City still supports 21% of the labour market in this sector.

The average gross weekly pay for a fulltime Wolverhampton worker is 434.14 which is above the average weekly wage of 427.28 for the West Midlands.

Wolverhampton is good for business, and it is a good place to live. There are 83 sites for nature conservation/sites of local importance for nature conservation.

Both the Mander Centre and the Wulfrun Centre have undergone refurbishment at a cost of 30m and the City Council have chosen AM Developments a Dutch Company as the preferred private sector partner to undertake a 210m expansion of Wolverhampton's retail core over the next 4 years.

Wherever you look you will see investment flooding into Wolverhampton. A 100m investment has been made by the University which is to be followed by 30m investment in the 'Inter-change' project by the City which includes new hotels and offices. This is a city with vitality and vibrancy, this is reflected by the size of the voluntary sector with 700 different organisations operating.

With a recent Government sponsored CPA score of 3 stars and an endorsement that states that Wolverhampton is 'Adequatley Improving'. Is there any other political party active in Wolverhampton that could deliver such a stunning prospect for economic growth and social cohesion? I would urge the people of Wolverhampton and Wednesfield North to consider very carefully where they place their vote "


Article Date: 6th March 2007