June 15th 2024

Labour Chooses Election Candidate!

Tonight Wednesfield North Labour Party selected Councillor Dave Jones to once again represent the Local Labour Party at the forthcoming Wolverhampton City Council Elections.
Councillor Jones gave a wide ranging speech in which he singled out his pride in the way that his family had supported him during the time he won his first election in 2003.He also spoke of the achievement he felt and the despair that followed having the tragedy of losing both his parents within months of his election victory.

He said " I am very much a family man, and we do live locally. We are all involved in the community at different levels. When your bins are not emptied neither are mine. I have involved myself in community politics and I play an active part with junior sport being the Chairman of Ashmore Park Rangers. I am involved in education, and have been an active member of a number of Council Committees including Licensing and Scrutiny Panels. I am a Member of the WMPTA in Birmingham and I enjoy the variety and interests the public transport brings.

I believe in values and social justice, and I pledge to give both time and effort to the forthcoming election campaign."

Councillor Dave Jones spoke also about the triumphs of the Party nationally. There was a need to talk up the strong economy that has been delivered , the financial support that the Government had given to education, and the huge investment that was taking place in the Health Service. Finally he thanked both his daughter Charlotte and his wife Julie for their great support they had given during the last 3 years and more!

Wednesfield North Labour Party under the watchful eyes of the District Labour Party Executive Member proceeded to ballot choosing Councillor Jones as the Wednesfield North Labour Candidate for the 2007 election campaign.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 2nd February 2007