June 15th 2024

Barnard Road Planning Application Heard Today

The Planning Application lodged for Barnard Road goes before Wolverhampton City Planning Authorities today with a tag from City Officials recommending approval for the construction of the application.

The proposals is for an 11 bed facility. The Planning Application Number is: 07/00055/FUL
Land At
62-72 Barnard Road
West Midlands

Construction of 11 bed residential care home for young adults with learning disabilities. Both Councillor Dave Jones and Councillor Bateman feel that this facility will be an over development of the site, and have both objected to its construction.

It will not fit into the street scene, and is likely to add considerably to the problems of highway access and egress in what is already a heavily used road.

Barnard Road currently has problems with parking and both feel that this proposal will make the current conditions worse.

A steady stream of Heavy Goods Vehicles supplying this 24 hour operation, along with the current difficult access for ‘blue light ‘ services have all played a part in their decision to oppose this proposal.

The report published today suggest that none of the emergency services have objected to the site.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 17th April 2007