April 14th 2024

Give Them Up!

City Officials have contacted me as I continue with Councillor Dave Jones to press for an early repair to be made to the Ashmore Park Skate Park following local vandalism to this important facility.
Councillor Bateman said I have received this note from City Officials " I've raised the order today to get the tarmac repairs done at Ashmore Skatepark and we'll get that done as soon as possible but unfortunately I've got some bad news as well.

Vandals have severely damaged the side panel on the flat bank - it's so bad that we've had to drop other works and treat this as emergency repairs.

The side has had to be completely replaced at a cost of 350. The work will be completed today but there may be a few dents left."

Councillor Jones made another call to residents saying " this is a really valuable resource. Anyone with knowledge who is to blame for these continued attacks ob facilities in the Park really does need to inform the Authorities.

They can do this by not leaving their name if they call crimestoppers on 0800 555111. We do need to stop this moronic behaviour that spoils it for the majority."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 28th April 2007