February 20th 2024

Ashmore Park Waste Collection Deal?

Dangerous Knife Found In Waste Bag

Further update on Ashmore Park flats above the shops. Councillor Dave Jones said " We have put up a good case with regard to the return of services to the residents living above the shops.There is some good news now on the horizon.
I had said before that we believed that we have been successful in the short period to have some type of collection re-started using a toughened bag. I have now been told that a bag that would do the job has been identified and the resource implication seems to have been resolved.

Wolverhampton Homes and the waste collection department are talking about the finer detail.But I am confident that within a couple of weeks we will see dwelling to dwelling collection re-start in this location."

Councillor Phil Bateman added " Waste disposal is a key national debate at the moment. I am pleased that the work that we have together undertaken here is looking so positive. It is because Dave Jones and I are such a strong team that we have been able to argue for the sake of our constituents so successfully in this case.

With regard to the national debate taking place about fortnightly garbage removal.

The City controlling administration currently operate a weekly collection model. This is still the Labour administrations policy and will continue to be so, whilst at the same time operating a recyclable paper can and glass collection, and green waste every two weeks."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 27th April 2007