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City Election Campaign In Full Swing!

City Election Campaign 2007
Campaigning in Broad Lane/Lichfield Road/Wyvern Park

Broad Lane North is currently part of an ongoing Local Safety Scheme that is aimed at reducing speed and improving road safety in Broad Lane North and Broad Lane South. Both local Councillors Phil Bateman and Dave Jones have taken a full part in this procedure. The local media have run articles about the City Council proposals.

Whilst the scheme has yet to see the start of construction, the local residents will I am sure be pleased to note that the proposals are continuing, as the City Council make adjustments reflecting the local comments made by residents who have already been consulted.

One of the really successful campaigns this neighbourhood achieved was most recently when Wednesfield North Labour Councillors joined local residents and together campaigned successfully for the removal of the threat to construct a telecommunications tower at the corner of Broad Lane North and Lichfield Road. Again the local media ran articles about this particular proposal following our promptings.

We have also contacted the British Waterways Board about the invasive ‘foreign’ water weed that has been regularly fouling the waterway. This weed restricts anglers as they spend their pastime on the canal. At times the weed looks very unsightly, and usually in the autumn it covers the whole canal restricting light and obviously affecting our native wildlife species.

During last summer we had campaigned strongly about the use of motor bikes both on the walkways at Coppice Farm and also along the tow path of our local canal system the Essington and Great Wyrley canal. West Midlands Police have been successful with an operation to ‘catch and scrap’ such riders bikes and around 40 bikes have been scrapped during this campaign.

Our Labour Councillors have written again to the police warning that with the light nights approaching there is a need to ensure that the tactic so successful last year must again be in position this year.

Our Councillors also made representations to West Midlands Police about the use of air guns along the canal tow path by youths targeting the wild life. This led to local police patrols and local coverage in the news and media.

On law and order issues we are constantly in touch with the local police team making them aware of individual problems that are brought to our attention from this neighbourhood. It is a great place to live and we want to ensure that it continues in this way!

Contact Your Local Labour Councillors

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Councillor Phil Bateman can be contacted on 01922 403960 or by email on

Information on Wednesfield North and Wolverhampton can also be viewed by logging on to the World Wide Web on and see and read about your local area news as it happens!

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 3rd March 2007