December 7th 2019

Election Day Vote Labour !

Well the City Council Elections are here upon us, and I would urge you to Vote early and Vote for Phil Bateman the Labour Party candidate.

After months of preparation and sheer hard work the election has finally arrived.

I would like to place on record the pleasure that I have had representing you the people of Wednesfield North over many years on the City Council.

Today I would urge you to take a trip to the Polling Station and Vote for the best person for the job of Councillor for Wednesfield North.

Over the decades that I have had the privilege of representing you, many local issues have been addressed and we have together made many changes to our neighbourhoods.

Today is all about Local politics, the National scene will understandably impact on your thoughts. But local council elections are just that. Because we are closer to the everyday issues that affect your neighbourhood, your community, you’re City; local Councillors are uniquely placed to receive your views.

I would urge you to consider strongly who is the best local person to represent you at this level.

Even if you do not consider that you can vote for me, please do not vote for the BNP.

They will destroy our community with politics of division and hatred; they are a force that will undermine all that is good that we have here in our community. The Bishop of Wolverhampton’s message to Wednesfield North’s electorate was quite clear, and it is a message that I fully support when he warned of the message of hate and division that the BNP were campaigning on.

I am proud of the roles that I have played representing you and I would encourage you to Vote for me once again.



Article Date: 1st May 2008