December 7th 2019

On The Campaign Trail

Another day and another marathon walking performance for me that has definitely not helped my left knee! I am now in quite bad pain but the 'walking and talking' must go on. But Friday morning looks very inviting now.
The Polls my colleague Councillor Geoff Foster (who is a real soothsayer) tells me are 3% up on where Labour was last year.

Geoff tells me this with extraordinary confidence. He is a real psephologist and normally is quite talismanic about these things! Now for me I do not see it quite that way, despite the 'soothsayers' confident tones.

Not only is the race for a seat tough here in Wolverhampton, Ken Livingstone in London is neck and neck with Boris in the London Mayoral race.

I still think a 10% lead nationally will hurt us here in the West Midlands. Even in Birmingham if the council elections reflect national opinion poll ratings, the Tories will be in a very strong position on May 2. With experts suggesting as many as 42 seats Conservative owned and 28 Liberal Democrats.

So what has been funny today? Not much really, dodged the showers this morning, had the usual scrape with the letter boxes, and just got out of a garden before a 7 inch Yorkshire Terrier appeared ( I could have sworn it was much bigger than that when it was in the back garden making all the noise) but even with a bad leg I managed to swing the gate shut in plenty of time.

Can I thank June for expressing her support, and Cath, yes we are still taking names to 'ferry' people to the polling station so that they may cast their vote.

I have also requested tree inspections in a number of places on Ashmore Park.

The growing season appears to have woken concerns from residents about the extent of the leaf canopy in several places in the Ward.

My agent Bobby Jones was a little upset with me this afternoon as I was 20 minutes late meeting him. Bob is a real powerhouse, but boy can he be tetchy, if you are not on time. I have made a mental note to do better over the last few days.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 28th April 2008