June 17th 2024

Ashmore Park Police Liaison Committee Meeting

Wednesfield North Labour Party is very keen on ensuring that local residents are made very much aware of the issues that are taking place in their locality. Ashmore Park is by far the largest estate in the electoral Ward and there is much going on there including perhaps the best Police Liaison Committee in the City.
This is run by residents and the elected position of the Chair Doreen Jones and Secretary Iris Dodd are taken by residents, no local politicians are involved only in the accountability part of the evening!

Councillor Phil Bateman said " I do wish other local areas of Wednesfield North would organise in a similar way. Springfield Estate and Wood End would make a good fit and Lichfield Road Coppice Farm and Wyvern Park could also provide the right size for a real good Liaison Committee, if the local residents can find the interest? Anyone interested in helping to form such a committee contact me or Councillor Dave Jones.

This weeks Ashmore Park Police Liaison Committee Meeting was as usual very well attended and a huge number of issues were raised with the police and the local Councillors from the floor, some of which have already appeared on this web site. But there was much more and here we try to give a flavour of what is taking place.
Concern was raised about two girls who had snatched a bag from a lady shopping on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.Police are looking for witnesses who may have seen the incident occur. Please tell the Police if you have seen anything or contact Crime stoppers on 0800555111
There is a red car on the estate who is intent on speeding and annoying people with loud music and a very loud exhaust pipe, again contact the police or crimestoppers if you have any information or the registration plate number.
Residents in Ashmore Park are complaining and campaigning to have the Park gates shut earlier as this car and his friends zoom it up and create noise and nuisance into the night. City Leisure Officials are aware of the problem and Councillor Dave Jones and Phil Bateman are looking into the situation.
Speeding is a key problem as neighbours see it in Kitchen Lane, Councillor Bateman informed them of the work taking place with the Road Safety Officers to look at the whole issue of speed in the Lane. Residents though want some radar enforcement by the police. This issue to be pressed by Councillors Bateman & Jones.

Also an issue was raised by cars being parked on a bend by the miners cottages at the Essington end of Kitchen Lane. These cars forced all other road users into the middle of Kitchen Lane on a blind bend and was endorsed by the Meeting as being very dangerous. Wednesfield Police were to speak with Staffordshire about this issue.

Chair of Danesmore Park School Governors reported a much better school holiday period with little intrusion onto the school site and no real problems. The Meeting very pleased about this report. The Police praised the local neighbours pointing out that they had a very good 'school watch' in action, any sign of a problem and they informed the police station
A resident enquired about the new street lighting skin why it was standing back from the kerb close to property boundary walls...No one had answer to this? Councillor Bateman to raise with Highway Officials.
A Resident raised the issue of cars parking on the pavements and close to road junctions, giving an example in Millbank Street. the Police agreed to use a 'common sense' approach to determining if these cars were causing an obstruction.
This led to issues being raised about the indiscipline of parents and guardians parking around local schools. Oakmeadow in particular and a resident who objected to parents continually parking on pavements in Fitzmaurice Road and within 15ft of the junction. The police agreed to survey the area.
Residents were concerned about the problems of nuisance at the alleyway in Meon Way Ashmore Park numerous complaints have been made about the activities that take place in the alley after dark in the main. The meeting requested the police to fit a Dome Hawk camera to assist in the apprehending of the bother makers. The police response was that it needed a light to be placed in the alley for it to work. The meeting was insistent that the situation cannot be allowed to continue. Councillor Bateman agreed to look at this matter and see what can be achieved.

The meeting finished at just after 9.15 and the next meeting was planned for November 7th."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 23rd September 2006