June 18th 2024

Attack On Bus Shelters

Councillor Phil Bateman said today "One of my constituents have written to me concerning the vandalism of bus shelters on Peacock Avenue and Lichfield Road. I have re-produced his comments that were originally placed on my 'Discussion Page' on the front page here.
As you will see from his comments he is less than confident that a call to the police will result in the attention of a police car? I know our local police read this web page. Perhaps they would like to comment on what constituents should do in these circumstances. I think for my part I am concerned that the confidence and rapport residents once had with their local police seems to be reducing?

Here is what my resident wrote in full and unedited...."

The bus shelter at the corner of Peacock Avenue and Lichfield Road is a well known trouble spot. The area is frequently littered with drink cans and bottles from groups who meet there in the evenings. Last Friday there was the sound of breaking glass, another window smashed in the bus shelter.

There was a youth aged about 17 who appeared to be searching amongst the trees for more missiles to throw to impress the two younger lads who were sitting on their bikes. He slunk away when we came out of the house and stood watching. Who could we contact to get a quick response? not a police car with blaring siren to frighten them away. To have tackled them would probably be dangerous and result in a claim for assault.

They were deterred but three further windows were smashed during the weekend. Don't the idiots realise that their parents are paying for the damage in increased rates.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 23rd August 2006