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Appeal-Community Must Help The Police!

Councillor Phil Bateman said today "Crime is a big issue in our community. During 2005 there were a number of major incidents that sparked our community concerns. I have set the incidents out in such a way that you can see how damaging they were to cohesive community life and development."
He went onto say "I know the Police are doing all that they can to protect and serve Wednesfield, but we do need more!

Wednesfield Police Commander Chief Superintendent Andy Armstrong is on record as stating that "first and foremost in my mind is that we continue to make Wednesfield and Wolverhampton a safer environment in which to live, work and socialise.

I am looking forward to engaging with more local people to find out what policing issues really matter to them. There are many challenges ahead but we will strive to maintain a high level of policing by building on the good work that is already being done locally and in partnership with many different agencies."

A you can see, the Commander from that statement has made it clear what his priorities are. But we do need more I think. If we are to solve these crimes it requires the help of the community.If we are to deter criminal activity we are going to need our communities help.

Here are some major issues that caused upset and grief, and more than that the disruption of literally hundreds of young peoples development opportunities.
This was the record of crime on major education and leisure facilities here in Wednesfield North last year.

8 Burglaries at Coppice High School
4 Burglaries at Danesmore Park
4 Burglaries at St Albans School
3 Burglaries at Oak Meadow
The Police have as always worked hard to detect the offenders and I am pleased to inform you that the Wednesfield Police have provided the following information.
1 Crime has been detected at Oak Meadow and action taken
1 Crime has been detected at Coppice High School
1 Crime has been detected at Danesmore Park School
At the Ashmore Park Youth Centre the youth workers and the users of the centre have had their activities badly disrupted by criminal activity.The use of the Forensic Science team has been at the forefront of the police investigations.
5 Crime actions recorded at the Youth Centre
1 Crime has been detected and one arrest has been made recently

Wednesfield Aces Cycle Speedway Club suffered abominable damage early in last year. Indeed the damage almost caused this very successful cycle speedway club to close. This is a marvellous club that provides champion riders and keeps so many children off the street doing something useful. Yet this did not stop them from having attacks made on their premises.

3 Incidents have been recorded by the Police
1 Arrest has been made following forensic evidence being used

Finally this year 2006 has seen the year start with an arson attack on the sports changing rooms on the Ashmore Park. A savage attack that has forced a useful sporting pavilion to close. I am informed that the forensic science team are scouring the building. I hope that they do have the success of past forensic science scrutiny and uncover evidence of the perpetrator."

Councillor Dave Jones added What we do know is that the community must come together and provide the intelligence to allow the police to detect these people that are attacking really important facilities that provide education and sporting achievement for young people here on the estate and across Wednesfield North.

The success in stopping these criminal acts is not an issue just for the police, both Phil and I recognise that our community here also has a role to play. Youngsters who do have information on those responsible for acts like these, can telephone the police via CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800555111 and pass any information over without giving a name."

Councillor Dave Jones and Councillor Phil Bateman are Labour Councillors who represent Wednesfield North on Wolverhampton City Council.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 28th January 2006