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APRA Report

Ashmore Park Residents Ass September 1st Meeting.
Report to Ashmore Park Residents Association.
From Councillor Phil Bateman for September 1 2004 Meeting

During the course of the period June when the election took place and the end of August I have been involved in a variety of issues that have interest for APRA.

Wednesfield War Memorial is now likely to be refurbished and moved to a more prominent position in the Garden of Remembrance. There are a lot of local families that will have interest in that. With the £8,000 identified within Wolverhampton City Councils Leisure Services budget added to the Forums £3,000 the race must surely be on to see the work started quickly. My deepest hope is that we can complete the refurbishment in time for the Remembrance Day service in what is the 60th Anniversary of D-Day, in November of this year.

Twyford Grove Alley

Our comprehensive submission to the Secretary of State was dispatched. The latest news that we have is that the Government are still considering Wolverhampton''''''''s application. The Government has asked for further information and the City Council officials are working on those Government queries about our application.

I am informed by City officials that they have picked up a real reluctance on the part of Government to close any footpath. They inform me that it is clear that they
regard the use of the legislation to close a footpath, very much as a last resort.

Boy Racers

These continue to cause problems from time to time. I have arranged with the police following complaints from neighbours for a close watch on the Park to be undertaken.
Complaints continue to come in about ‘boy racers’ parking inside the Ashmore Park then blasting out loud music much to the annoyance of people in Park Way and Ashmore Avenue.

“I have been in touch with leisure about parties and alcohol and now we have loud music. People backing on to the Park are very upset and the City Council and the police have to act.

I have a letter from a resident who states “I’ve asked the police, the Park Rangers and the Council, but still nothing is being done the problem is every week –end and some afternoons, it is a nuisance”.

Well it is only public opinion that will move people at times and I am not one to give in. I have written to the Authority and I am keen now to get the publics backing in trying to reduce the nuisance that this is causing.

I am pleased with the response that I have received now from the police who are keeping a close watch on events.

Kitchen Lane
Speed and heavy vehicles continue to cause residents in Kitchen Lane problems. Highway Authority and West Midlands Police are monitoring the situation. I will be looking at a report towards the end of the year. I have also asked for some of the trees to be trimmed because of the way that they have grown and inhibit the light from street lamps.

Peacock Avenue Home-City Council Responds
Following the comments about the vacant home on Peacock Avenue I have been inundated with telephone calls about its condition and the issues that it raised.

The Landlord Services Department has now responded, they inform me in writing that ….’The property to which you refer has indeed been empty for some time following a history of anti-social behaviour, delays with the ex-tenant moving their belongings and substantial rubbish removal required. Further rubbish removal from the garden has been requested by the Green Team in an attempt to tackle to issue of vermin. The property has also now been secured following a break in.

As you mention, the home has been accepted and I can confirm that orders for necessary repair works have now been raised. I have asked that the accepting new tenant be kept informed on progress and security of the property be monitored. I hope that this information is of assistance.’

I am of course keen to ensure that all that is said will happen….will happen! Of course what cannot be allowed is for the work to be dragged on for even more months.

Everyone who lives in close proximity to the property is disgusted in the way that Authority has managed events... I have a very strong feeling that this property will be featuring on on my web site again in the not too distant future.

Mobile Police Station At Use on Ashmore Park

The nice thing for me is that my constituents as well as the other residents of Wolverhampton are seeing the benefits of this innovative crime fighting partnership.
The bus provided by TWM looks good and it is going to make a difference to the way the Wolverhampton East OCU in which Wednesfield North Ward falls performs. There is no police station in this Ward and the mobile police station creates a great focus. I am pleased to see the police using this facility in Ashmore Park and I hope that they continue to use it.

I hope that this report gives you a flavour of the issues that I have been dealing with. And I hope that if the APRA have any issues coming out of this report that they will write to me expressing their comments.

Councillor Phil Bateman.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 1st September 2004