August 15th 2020

Concern over drugs.

Concern was raised at a meeting of Wednesfield North Labour Party on the 27th June by Ward Party members, of the amount of drugs that were openly being smoked on Ashmore Park Shopping Parade in the early evening by youngsters.
Members felt that there was a culture of openness being developed that was worrying. They complained that the smell of marijuana was all pervading and was leading to even younger kids being dared to smoke it by the older one's.

Councillor Phil Bateman agreed to bring this issue to the attention of the police, he also said " That he would also raise the issue of drugs being used on the open space on Kitchen Lane, locally known as the Red Bank. There people were gathering in a copse that gave cover, and were taking drugs of a much more evil nature than marijuana. I have been told by residents that baking foil used to take heroin has been found,also drinking was taking place in the same location. To 'enjoy' taking these drugs the users had hacked down 35 trees and have decimated what is a conservation area."

The Ward Party agreed to raise this issue at a variety of community based meetings.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 28th June 2003