Good News For Flats

On the 9th April we posted the following notice concerning the problems that had occurred with the decision by the Wolverhampton Homes and the Waste collection department to unilaterally withdraw from collecting waste from the 36 homes above Ashmore Park Shopping Parade-"The rumblings over the swift decision to whip out the garbage collection from homes situated above Ashmore Park Shopping Parade continues to reverberate as local Councillors Dave Jones and Phil Bateman try to tackle the reasons behind the decision."
Councillor Jones said " Wolverhampton Homes Management have written stating that the decision not to empty the bins was made by the City Council's Waste Management group.

We can now also confirm that there is a dispute irrupting between both organisations about basically 'who did what?"

Councillor Phil Bateman said "We have arranged an urgent meeting on this issue with Wolverhampton Homes and we will report back on the outcome following that meeting."

Councillor Bateman further commenting said "Well we did arrange an urgent meeting with the two organisations. This took place on site and Councillor Jones and I argued the case for a return to waste collection.

We have been in touch with the officials since that meeting and we feel that we have made good progress.

Making further comment Councillor Dave Jones said " We have put up a good case and there is some good news on the horizon. We believe that we have been successful in the short period to have some type of collection re-started using a toughened bag.

The original reason that the collection stopped was because a knife blade(see the photograph) was close to injuring an operative. It will be a couple more weeks before the details are fully known. But Councillor Bateman and myself are very pleased that we have been able to argue successfully for some 'middle way' here."

This is the sort of issue that campaigning local Councillors can achieve for constituents.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 21st April 2007