News Round Up

In a round up of local news I can report that the final part of the Ashmore Park Shopping Centre Refurbishment is underway.
Councillor Dave Jones said "The walking surface is being re-constructed and it is our belief that the surface will when laid reduce the number accidents that have been caused by slips trips and falls.

Sadly just before the lifting of the old surface took place, one of our constituents who is in her 80's fell and badly damaged her face. She wrote to Councillor Bateman posting photographs and stated that she had broken her nose when falling! This matter has been referred to the Insurance section."

Councillor Bateman reported that investigations are underway into the great slide robbery off of Ashmore Park. Two slides have not just been vandalised they have been dismantled and carted away! The police have been informed, and the Express and Star have reported on the incident. Also a huge tropical South American Macaw was spotted in the trees off Orchard Road over the week end. Sadly after entertaining the crowds the massive bird flew the roost. It is understood to be an escaped pet!

Finally the Planning Committee agreed the recommendation of the City Planners and agreed to allow the development of the home for young disabled children to go take place in Barnard Road

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 17th April 2007