Early Break Through On Bins Crisis

Yesterday Wednesfield North Labour Councillors criticised a decision by Wolverhampton Homes to remove individual waste bins from homes that are situated above Ashmore Park Shopping Parade. Today Labour Councillors report an early break through following their intervention.

Councillor Dave Jones said yesterday that "the decision has been arbitrary without proper consultation and flies in the face of the aims of Wolverhampton Homes."

Following on from that exposure yesterday we made, concerning the loss of personal bins from residents living in dwellings above the shops on Griffiths Drive.

Wednesfield North Labour Councillors have received a much required response from Wolverhampton Homes.

Wolverhampton Homes informs them that the decision not to continue emptying refuse bins was indeed one taken by the City Council's waste management section.

Wolverhampton Homes also respond informing that they had been holding discussions with the Council to seek a solution to the problem.

They inform your Councillors that "The local Estate Manager relayed this decision in a letter to residents on 22 March on behalf of the Council as they ( Waste Management) were not intending to make contact themselves " (!)

"I am personally appalled at this situation. I cannot see any reason at all to act like this. Our residents need to be treated properly with courteousy and respect this is not the way to do that" said Councillor Dave Jones.

Councillor Bateman added " Many of our residents have been long standing tenants of these homes. They have had this service for decades to withdraw such a service and not inform the residents is arrogance in the extreme.
Wolverhampton Homes have also told us that Estate Management and Services officers have been seeking how to best secure and protect the communal bins and have embarked upon a consultation exercise with the residents to elicit their views.

I am not sure that the letter that I have seen was a consultation excersise. It was a definate...." we are starting this service from this date! giving just four days notice!"

Councillor Jones commenting further said " I am pleased that Wolverhampton Homes have recognised that there have been failings in the process. They have commented that they think that the most sensible way forward at this stage is indeed to review the decision made to see if it is possible to find an acceptable solution for residents that minimises the health and safety risks to officers.

I think both Councillor Bateman and I are happy that we have achieved this break through so quickly.

I understand that Councillor Bateman will be contacting Wolverhampton Homes as they have offered to facilitate an urgent meeting between both of us as Councillors. We will obviously keep you informed of any outcomes of this meeting".

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 4th April 2007