Call For New Auditoruim!

Last night at Coppice High Performing Art School the parents and staff in the audience were again rewarded with a top class performance of 'Jesus Christ Super Star' by the pupils at the school.
The performance was attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of the City of Wolverhampton Cllr John Davis and his wife Noreen.

They were enthralled with the performance of the cast, as were the rest of the audience which also included three former Mayor's and two Mayoress's!

There were other dignitaries in the audience including the two Ward Councillors Councillor Dave Jones and Councillor Phil Bateman, the school Governing Body and City Councillors from other parts of Wolverhampton.

After the performance Councillor Dave Jones praised the cast and the teachers at the school saying" That year after year this school puts on shows that tap the rich talent that the school is nurturing and developing. The school has a huge reputation and it is an oasis of culture that we are immensely proud of here in Wednesfield.

In fact I believe that the City Council should be pushing the school to take an even bigger step, and enrich even more of our young people with the arts.

That is why today I am making an appeal to the City Council together with the school to consider commissioning a feasibility study that would provide a proper 200-300 seat Auditorium here on this school site, one that would allow bigger and better shows to be developed, adding more value to the education and enhancing the community's dividend when it comes to the provision of arts and culture."

He was backed in his plea by Councillor Phil Bateman who said " This school is a hot bed of the Arts, it has shown it has ambition with its very brave take over of the Grand Theatre for its rendition of Les Miserables.

Last year they had the Commonwealth Secretary General Don McKinnon visit the school, praising the young people and there talent.

I back Councillor Jones in his call to develop this school. I know that the arts and culture developed in this part of the city through education will provide just the right sort of environment for the expansion of our economy through arts education and culture.

It would also be a huge boost for the rest of the community and would shine like a beacon here in the North East of Wolverhampton. Both Councillor Jones and I will be writing to the Chief Executive of the City Council and the Governors of the school for support for this venture."
Contact Phil bateman on [email protected] if you to support this call for the development of an Auditoruim for the school.


Article Date: 21st March 2007