Campaigning On Coppice Farm

Taking the campaign to Coppice Farm Estate , Councillor Dave jones outlined some of the issues he has been dealing with.
During the course of the last year your local Labour Councillors were very much involved in ensuring that the local police patrolled the Coppice Farm Estate regularly reducing the threat of trouble and trying hard to reduce the impact of anti social behaviour.

Councillor Dave Jones said �Over the last few years I have tried to ensure that the anti social behaviour that breaks out from time to time on the fringe of the estate has been dealt with quickly by the police.

I and my colleague Councillor Phil Bateman have raised the issue of the problems of the �Walkways� at the Police Liaison Committee Meetings. We have specifically encouraged the police to take action against the riders of �off-road� motorbikes that cause so many nuisances and are so noisy.

In my conversations with many of the residents of Coppice Farm I know that this type of law breaking is of major concern to you. Our appeals to the police last year led to many of these �bikes� being confiscated and scrapped.

As a Governor of St Albans School I have been actively involved in all the big school issues. The school is very much part of Coppice Farm estate as is Coppice High School, where again I hold office as a School Governor.

In the last year I have dealt with many of the issues that have been raised in School Governors meetings. These items have included sporting issues and the development of youth activities.

As I live locally within the Wednesfield North Ward, I visit Coppice Farm regularly. I am very much aware of the live local issues. I think that by being involved with the two schools that provide young people with their education, and some of their social life as well. I am very much in a unique position to be able to address many of the problems that you as a parent may experience. I am the parent of teen age girl who has attended first St Albans and now Coppice High School�I know how challenging parenting is!

I do hope that you will continue to support me, as it is through our partnership that much has already taken place, and I know that much more is still required. Local residents will always know far more about our community than remote, self styled people who do not live locally or who have no permanent stake in our part of Wednesfield. My election campaign however will be about my community and will address issues that are our issues.�

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Printed and Published by Wednesfield North Labour Party; Agent Councillor Phil Bateman 3a Broad Lane North Wednesfield WV12 5UH

Author: Dave Jones

Article Date: 10th March 2007