Demonstration At The Pheasant Today!

There will be a protest today ( Friday)about the T-Mobile Telecommunications Mast at 'The Pheasant PH at Wood End Island at 3.30 pm. I have been speaking to the organiser and there is an estimate that 300 people will turn up to voice their concerns against T- Mobile and their actions with regard to this particular site.
Councillor Phil Bateman said "The community is seething and full of indignation that T-Mobile can place their phone mast on this site close to Wood End School.

There has been a very late attempt to get the company to change its mind, and the Regeneration Director is appealing directly to the company even at this late hour to abandon their plan.

I have advised that I will be asking the Local Government Ombudsman to investigate the procedure that the City Planning Officials have invoked. The City Council have been alleging all along that the Agents acting on behalf of T-Mobile have been involved in allegations of 'Sharp Practice' . These allegations need to be investigated and probed thoroughly, and I believe that the Ombudsman is perhaps the right body to investigate the procedures and get the matter cleared up.

On a very personal note I hope that T-Mobile withdraws from placing this mast at this location and I would appeal to them to do so for the sake of good public relations."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 6th October 2006