Sport For All

With the advent of the Sports Summit.The Black Country Sports Partnership is a very important vehicle for the planning and progress of sport here in Wolverhampton and the Black Country.
Led by Councillor Phil Bateman MBE and partnership director Simon Hall, the Partnership has been challenged by the Government to increase sporting activity in the Black Country by 1% year on year.

It is estimated that around 20 per cent of the Black Country population is �actively involved� in sport, with a further 16 per cent described as �mild enthusiasts�, who with a bit of encouragement could become �sporty types�.

�One of our prime aims is to change the hearts and minds of the 64 per cent of the population and encourage them to get more active,� said Councillor Bateman.

�We need to set the strategic path, find out what�s stopping people taking part in sport, market the benefits and measure the impact � not only for sport, but for health and the economy too.�

As part of the Black Country Consortium, the Partnership has a unique opportunity to contribute to its programme of transformational change, adds Councillor Bateman. �We�re confident that we can make the Black Country one of the UK�s most active areas.�

Author: Phil bateman

Article Date: 2nd October 2006