Don�t Break The Law- Get A Meter!

Don�t Break The Law- Get A Meter!

Some water companies occasionally experience water shortages after long periods of dry weather. However, it is more likely that the system of pipes that carries water to customers will come under demand pressures when very large numbers of customers all want water at the same time including users of sprinklers.
Don�t Break The Law- Get A Meter!

It is this demand led pressure that has created difficulty for water distribution in recent years because of the explosion in the creation of bigger and better and more elaborate gardens, fuelled by television lifestyle programmes.

Jack Carnell Deputy Managing Director said �and of course there is nothing wrong in the great English pastime of gardening. We are a nation of gardeners. We have created gardens that are national treasures and have lasted centuries.

But to nurture a garden you need water, it is a precious resource and it too needs looking after.

Government recognised that there were going to be times when the Country would have to face up to these pressures, hence they passed legislation in 1999 which required that water was only supplied on the condition that it was not used for garden watering (other than by using a hand held watering appliance).
As a dispensation, however, we are happy to allow customers to continue using sprinklers, providing they have a meter fitted. Meters are, of course, free to domestic customers under our Meter Option Scheme.�

Councillor Phil Bateman Chairman of the Customer Consultative Committee added; �I understand that a number of customers have already applied for a meter which means that when they use water for their gardens they are paying for the actual amount that they use it and they are not breaking the law. Customers, of course, who do not have a meter, will not be paying for this amount. This is evidently unfair and is of concern to both the company and my committee; we want to see a balanced system delivering water during all types of weather to all our homes.�

The Company further warned, if the growth in sprinkler use continues then demand on pipes will reach a point when they cannot carry water for garden use and, worse still, some people will not even get water for normal domestic use. Customers requiring meters will find that the Company will very happily arrange for them to have one installed at no cost 0845 600 1130.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 6th August 2003