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We are able to influence the environment in many ways. Our ultimate aim is to preserve and where possible develop the environment to ensure a sustainable future. As a result we have developed a series of plans which demonstrate our commitment to the protection of the natural environment. These plans are briefly described below. The full version of each plan may be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate space.

Water Efficiency Plan
Our Water Efficiency Plan sets out how the company and its customers can work together to protect the water environment. We have set targets for the following:

Metering and Charges
Water use in the Home and Garden
Water use by Non-Household customers
Water Efficiency Research
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Biodiversity Action Plan
Biodiversity is concerned with the whole variety of life on earth. As a Company and landowner we are aware that a number of important habitats and species exist at our sites. In order to demonstrate our commitment to preserving and developing these habitats and species we have produced a Biodiversity Action Plan that sets out our targets for the following:

Conservation of Key Areas
Conservation of Key Habitats
Conservation of Key Species
Education and Development
Consultation and Partnership
Management of Resources
Management of Land
Management of Investment Works
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Conservation, Access & Recreation Report
We take great care to protect and conserve the environment surrounding our various sites, many of which are areas of natural beauty. Where practical we allow the public to have access to our sites for recreational activities. We have produced a Conservation, Access & Recreation report that identifies our progress and sets targets for the following:

Bird sightings
Recreational facilities
Caring for old buildings
Disposal of land and property
Woodland Management
Public Access
Nature Reserves
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Article Date: 25th April 2003