Report 28 March 03

Wednesfield North Labour Party Ward Report 28 March 03

Since the beginning of the month and in line with our environmental campaign plans I can report that much of the work that I have undertaken has been jointly with Councillor Gwen Stafford Good. I think that we have worked well and with vigour to deliver spectacular success.
We have been highlighting the poor environmental state of much of the Ward. The fact that five cars had been abandoned on streets and car parks on Ashmore Park has been tackled, and I can report that action to remove the vehicles is now underway.

Rubbish and Garbage has been exposed in alleyways and car parks which was creating a breeding ground for vermin and bringing down the look of the area.

Blackham Road site has already been cleared of old mattresses and debris, the gas bottles to be removed by contractors; the alleyway where huge quantities of garbage have been dumped is going to be tackled by specialists.

The discarded Walsall Hospital Trust newspapers in Ashmore Ave garage site is to be cleared, all very good news, all achieved in around a month.

I am still however waiting for confirmation that the rubbish that has been dumped alongside the electricity sub station in Sandy Cres will be cleared. In my mind this is the worst of the dumping, certainly the most dangerous. If anyone sets fire to the garbage then we could have a very severe situation develop as well as the threat of power interruptions.

I am going to press the City Council on this. All in all the joint campaign that Gwen and I have fought this last month has been spectacular in what it has achieved. Now we should concentrate on achieving a better management of the property to ensure that this situation is never allowed to get as bad again.

People live work and earn their living in Wednesfield North. We need to ensure that our environment is enhanced to improve all of those themes both now and into the future.

Also the pressure I have been placing under the Housing Department to bring into operation the Grass Verges Working Party has paid off. A Meeting is to be called on the 10th April to discuss the poor state of the Grass Verges on Ashmore Park. I expect the Ashmore Park Residents Association will play a lead role in the Working Party as many local residents are complaining about the general state of the grass verges on the estate.

Finally I have requested work from Leisure to remove the graffiti that is covering the inside walls of the Sports Barn. It is disgraceful and cannot be allowed to be displayed on what is a superb facility for young people.

Councillor Phil Bateman

Author: Councillor Phil Bateman

Article Date: 28th March 2003