June 18th 2024

Let's Keep Wednesfield Safe

There is a real concern developing across Wednesfield North that relates to crime and the perception that crime is growing fast in Wednesfield North. I have asked Wednesfield Police to provide me with the up to date information.
But again the perception on Social Network sites is that burglary is growing quickly, and that is a major concern for this community. I have been running a campaign over the last few weeks to encourage more Neighbourhood Watch schemes to assist the police. Indeed since my call to the public to help set up these self-help anti-crime groups, I am pleased to announce that we have had four new co coordinators step forward and I along with West Midlands Police will meet with them to get their scheme organised and up and running quickly.
If there is anyone else in Wednesfield North that would like to set up similar schemes please contact me.
In the meantime I would urge everyone to look out for suspicious and suspect activity, tell the police either on the 101 number or if a crime is taking place whilst you are watching- dial 999.
Letís keep Wednesfield safe!

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 16th December 2012