June 17th 2024

Is There A Future for Neighbourhood Watch?

I attended the Linthouse Lane Neighbourhood Watch Meeting last night at the Ashmore Park Community Association.
I was well received. But I am curious now in the attitude of West Midlands Police to the future of Neighbourhood Watch schemes.
Last night there was no police, no apologies. The meeting also reported on the ‘drying up’ of a police produced newsletter that was provided, giving information about what Neighbourhood Watch was doing conurbation wide.
That got me thinking- I never see any encouragement for new Neighbourhood Watch schemes? So what is the long term future of the Neighbourhood Watch crime prevention organisation? Is there a future for this type of community involvement, and what type of resource is being provided to nurture them where ever they exist?
I know the West Midlands Police are losing jobs because of loss of Government Grant. That they are also faced here in the West Midlands of a further Government induced £8m cut in resources, in the 2013/14 budget. So what of the future?
Perhaps West Midlands Police can contact me and explain what resources there will be for Neighbourhood Watch moving forward?

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 10th October 2012