June 18th 2024

Crime In Wednesfield North

I have just been looking at the local crime rates, and the Neighborhood Crime League Table from July 2011 to June 2012. As it relates to Wednesfield North.
The league table looks at the total crimes and crime rate for 12 months until June 2012, that occurred in all neighborhoods’ within 5 miles of Wednesfield North and orders them by lowest crime rate first.

That means it is also looking at crime in Staffordshire and Walsall districts as well. As you Will see we appear to be able to boast that crime in Wednesfield North is the lowest within 5 miles radius of our location.

Now for me that mean that the community is working hard with the Police to deliver this sort of result. It appears that there is only one Neighborhood Watch Operation in our Ward, though there is two PACT (Police And Community Together) also operating.

There is good work is taking place right across Wednesfield North.
To find that overall crime in our part of the City is at these levels, placing us above locations like Tettenhall, Essington, Cheslyn Hay and Norton Canes is remarkable.

1 Wednesfield North (0.00 miles)
2 Tettenhall Regis (4.34 miles)
3 Spring Vale (4.37 miles)

4 Cheslyn Hay And Great Wyrley Neighbourhood (3.29 miles)
5 Fallings Park (1.14 miles)

6 Bushbury North (2.31 miles)
7 Bloxwich West (2.15 miles)
8 Pelsall (4.28 miles)

9 Norton Canes Neighbourhood (4.83 miles)
10 Oxley (3.40 miles)

11 Bloxwich East (3.18 miles)

12 Essington And Featherstone Neighbourhood (2.09 miles

With just 531 crimes taking place in this 12 month period the statistics very much speak for themselves. Sadly the only crime to rise in this period was Burglary, and there were 87 of these within Wednesfield North in this period. Crime overall was down across all the crime identifications (apart from Burglary) in Wednesfield North over the year.

I did however notice that in June 2012 of this year, there had been a slight rise in Anti-Social behavior with 11 crimes being reported in this month to the Police here in Wednesfield North. We need to ensure that as a community we continue to watch and report these issues.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 25th August 2012