December 13th 2019

By Election Results In Wednesfield

Despite an energetic and very intense election campaign in both Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South, the result is that the electorate voted for no change. However Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South Labour teams would like to thank all those that voted Labour for their support.

Therefore Conservative Councillors now hold all six Council seats in Wednesfield.

That is exactly the same situation as prevailed following the May elections. I personally want to thank both Dave Jones and Mike Hardacre for the immense effort they both put in to snatch the seats from the Conservatives for Labour.

Whilst it did not happen, their campaigns were well run and found big support in all areas of Wednesfield.

Both are good Labour candidates and both of them found solid support within the electorate for their style of campaigning and for the message that they put out. Indeed the strong points of both campaigns is in the fact that there were big swings to Labour.

This is the result of the election;-

Wednesfield North: Neil Clarke (Con) 1296; Dave Jones (LAB) 1072; Dennis Organ (BNP) 337; Ian Jenkins (Lib Dem) 156. The Conservative Majority being cut to 224 votes

Wednesfield South: Peter Dobb (Con) 1123; Mike Hardacre (Lab) 867; John Steatham (Lib Dem) 134; Dave Bradbrook (BNP) 358.The Conservative Majority being cut to 256 votes.

One final point,the BNP in Wednesfield North suffered a further big loss of votes with their support crashing from a high point of some 1,000 votes just over two years ago to 337 votes last night.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 24th October 2008