June 18th 2024

Another reason to Vote Labour!

Last night I attended a dinner at the West Midlands Police force Tally Ho! complex with the West Midlands Chief Constable.
The dinner was attended by Mayor's and Lord Mayor's and some Council Leaders, with other key private sector organisations.

The Chief Constable's message was that crime was reducing in the West Midlands. He informed those attending that measured on a 'crime per population' basis Wolverhampton Coventry and Birmingham were clustered in .........not in the top quartile of the crime 'league' but in 25,26 27th place in the UK.

He said that this meant that these key City areas in our conurbation had less crime per thousand inhabitants than Suffolk, where he was the previous Chief Constable, and that the County Town of Ipswich was higher in the 'crime' league table than the three Cities in the West Midlands Metropolitan County!

He finished by thanking everyone attending the dinner, stating that he was not after anything from the organisations attending, just that he wanted to thank them for their continued support for the police here in the West Midlands.

It was all in all a very upbeat message.Certainly one that lifted me. Crime it appears is being tackled in a forthright way, and maybe that is a message Wednesfield people will carry with them into the Polling Booth on Thursday when they are considering where to place their vote. The Home Secretary along with the Chief Constable appears to have the right sort of approach at present.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 22nd October 2008