December 7th 2019

Conservatives Breaking The Law?

Well the Conservatives have been a little rattled of late in the two By Election campaigns taking place in Wednesfield. These two By Elections were called after the Conservative husband & wife team were allegedly selling sex, and were outed by the Sunday Mirror newspaper.
The Conservative Councillor's were then forced to resign from the Council and the Counciltax payer is now faced with two hefty by election's to finance from Counciltax resources.

Last night ( Saturday) for instance, no perhaps I should be a bit more specific, At 1.00am in the early hours of this morning ( Sunday), I was wakened by a house alarm or car alarm being set off in Broad Lane North. I thought that it was unusual and so I jumped out of bed and ran to the bedroom window to look out.

I noticed two blokes scurrying around my neighbours car. Without further ado I shouted and challenged them. I still thought at this point they were up to no good and I was concerned that they might be burglars or car thieves!

The alarm eventually was switched off, and these two shapes were intent on not responding to my challenges. As they tried to slope away, I challenged them a second time.

At this second time of shouting one of the guys replied with " its alright we are campaigning for the By Election- We have got to get them out!"

I responded with a gruff " I'm phoning the police" which I did to lodge a complaint. In my mind these two blokes were up to no good, creeping into peoples property ,disturbing neighbourhoods, and probably giving more than one or two other local residents a fright.

I was convinced that these Conservative Party members were up to no good, and I can confirm they raised my heart beat higher when I spotted them moving in the shadows, after I had reached the bedroom window.

But is it really necessary to go to this extreme to deliver election leaflets? Is it sensible to trespass onto peoples property in the dead of night and cause a disturbance?

I do not think that it is! I believe that these two Conservative activist were 'Disturbing the Peace'. I feel that they were breaking the law.

As a political activist myself I think that the Conservative Party went over the top with this dead of night delivery. I believe that the police should investigate if any electoral law was broken, and at the very least an apology should be forth coming from the Conservative Party Leadership for upsetting people and bringing them unnecessary worry.

I wonder if you really can trust the Conservatives when they put gimmickry in front of public safety! How many other people thought that this team of workers were casing their property?

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 19th October 2008