June 18th 2024

A Funny Story.........Enjoy!

Enjoy this ............. a well known community activist told me the following very funny story, late on Friday afternoon.

On Friday afternoon the new Conservative candidate was banging doors in Sandy Crescent on Ashmore Park. He knocked on the front door of a home and when the homeowner opened he proceeded to explain what he was all about.

The lady politely told him 'she was not for turning' and wouldn't be supporting him by using her vote at the ballot box for his Party. Fair enough you would have thought. But the inexperienced Conservative ably supported by a female Councillor (allegedly the silent Q and living up to her nickname!) blustered on. "But surely you must recognise the good work former Councillor Bourne did here on Ashmore Park" he argued.

Not so said the lady, "I attended meetings where he did not say a word!" said our intrepid resident.

Still Q said nothing............but they backed off, and the door was shut and the voter went off to get on with her own thing.

But our two local Conservatives were obviously either inexperienced, or just did not know too much about canvassing on Ashmore Park. Because there was after a few minutes.... a 'rat-a tat-tat' on the back door!

The lady of the house wondering who was at the back door? made her way to the rear of the house, and to her startled amusement the two hapless Conservatives were standing at her back door now!

They then started to go through their same routine again....not having tumbled that this was the same resident, the same property, and that they would likely to get the same likely response!

Now I know our community activist very well, she is a lady of very strong character, and she was now totally bemused, and running out of tolerance. She politely pointed out that she was of the same mind about voting at the back door, as she was at the front door!

The hapless Tory candidate then responded by saying "Is this not a flat?"

It clearly was not!! The semi detached home is just that a semi detached home.

The moral of the story is that these two Conservative leading lights, know little about the area, and even less about the local geography than they are obviously keen to let on!

Anyway the tale gave me a laugh as I am sure it will give others.

Vote Dave Jones the Local labour Party Candidate, and bring the Trust back into Wednesfield.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 18th October 2008