June 18th 2024

Bringing Trust Back to Wednesfield

Right across Wednesfield election leaflets are being distributed by eager party worker's.
Labour are fielding two first class candidates in these two by-elections caused by the forced resignations of Conservative husband and Wife team Councillor's David and Carol Bourne. This follows allegations made by a Sunday newspaper which exposed a scandal surrounding the sale of sex.

In Wednesfield South one time local Headmaster of Coppice High School Mike Hardacre is flying the flag for Labour, Mike is very much aware of the locality and the needs of Wednesfield families. He is an educationist with a very succesful record, and he will bring a different and very distinctive style to both the election campaign and to the City Council if he is elected.

In Wednesfield North trusted ex Councillor Dave Jones is leading the campaign to win back a seat from the Conservatives.

Dave Jones is an experienced campaigner he is well known for his work within our community with youngsters, Dave spent two years on the City Council and knows how it works from the inside. He and his family live on Ashmore Park and Dave's daughter is educated locally. The two election campaigns that Labour are running are both very similar.

At the heart of the two campaigns is an appeal for voters to support the Labour Party emphasising the belief that their candidates can be trusted to bring improvements to both the quality of the representation in Council, and deliver the sort of policy that will improve Wednesfield and reduce crime and anti social behaviour.

As a local member of the community I fully support the Labour Party and their campaign, and I know that the two candidates chosen, Dave Jones and Mike Hardacre are both solid campaigners with enthusiasm and energy to improve Wednesfield.

I would urge residents of Wednesfield to vote for these candidates on the 23rd October.

Vote Dave Jones Labour for Wednesfield North ;Vote Mike Hardacre Labour for Wednesfield South.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 4th October 2008