June 17th 2024

By Election Disgraced Tory Councillors-Update

The By- Election for Wednesfield South and Wednesfield North has been called for October 23rd.

The Tories were the first out of the blocks, and last Tuesday Councillor David Bourne and Councillor Carol Bourne were forced to quit the City Council. This came about after daily pressure from the press and media and the growing weight of public opinion.

Both were 'outed' by the Sunday Mirror for allegedly running a brothel from their home and for selling their bodies for sex. Both these Tory Councillors having been exposed in this way, had told the Sunday Mirror far more about themselves than they had told constituents! Residents were told in the Sunday Mirror report that Councillor David Bourne and Carol had explained what was on offer!

But even though both these Councillors had been forced to resign from the Conservative Party and then some days after the City Council. It was not before some collusion had taken place to enable the Conservative Party to deliver new election addresses into residents homes advertising the name of their new candidates....and just as the disgraced Bourne's were resigning from the City Council!

On Monday both Wednesfield Labour Party Wards Wednesfield North and South will be meeting to select their candidates to contest the vacant seats left by the disgraced Wednesfield Tory Councillors. This web site will be reporting on the outcome of those meetings after the events have taken place.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 20th September 2008