December 7th 2019

By Election They've Gone!

Rumours reaching me from the Civic centre are informing me that both Councillor David Bourne and Councillor Carol Bourne have resigned as Councillors from the City Council.
These two disgraced Conservative Councillor's have had to be forced out of office by public opinion. I believe there are still a number inquiries still taking place around the activities of these two errant Conservatives.

The Express and Star will likely carry the full details, but this has been a sorry tale from day one when the Sunday Mirror broke the story a little over a week ago, alleging that these two prominent Conservatives were running a brothel from their home, and offering sex for sale.

The Local Conservative Party Councillors' who have been their friends and colleagues have been silent, not making much noise, and not condemning nor explaining their feelings.

Maybe there is still more to come from this sad chapter in Wednesfield and Wolverhampton's history

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 16th September 2008