December 7th 2019

By Electon Sound of Silence From Wednesfield Conservatives!

What have our two remaining Conservative Councillors have to say on the sex scandal gripping Wolverhampton.
Councillor Charlotte Quarmby and Councillor Hazel Keirle are the two Conservative Councilllors who make up the rest of the David Bourne team working in Wednesfield North.

Incidentally they have said very little about their soul mate David since last Sunday when the news broke that there were allegations being made that Councillor David and Councillor Carol Bourne were running a brothel from their home. Indeed after reading this message to all their constituents today . I wondered why they had not used their web pages to explain what their views were on the scandal that has engulfed Councillor Bourne and by association Wednesfield?

What Charlotte is telling the World this morning is that she understands our concerns, and she and David are working hard to make it an even better place to live!

I have to question if she really does. She has not uttered a public word on whether Councillor Bourne and his Councillor wife should resign from the Council.

So Charlotte do you call on David Bourne to resign from the Council, because the residents in Wednesfield seem to agree with me that he!

I note that you comment that working alongside David Bourne you can make life better for Wednesfield. What I would say is please do not bring his recreational activities into the Ward that would not be appreciated. Are you and Councillor Keirle happy that he should be sitting picking up Counciltax payers cash? How do you both feel about the Conservative proposals to place your friend David on the Safer Wolverhampton Scrutiny Panel, and the Licensing Committee!

I think the residents of Wednesfield deserve to hear your views on these important issues.

Any way enjoy the comments,they are on the site for you to read, or until they take them down!

Taken from the Conservative Party Web Site;

Working hard for Wednesfield North
Local residents have chosen Charlotte Quarmby as our Conservative councillor because she understands our local concerns and problems in Wednesfield. She listens, then works hard to fix things and make life better for all of us.

Charlotte says, “Working alongside Conservative Councillor David Bourne, I know I can make Wednesfield an even better place to live and work.”

Working all year round
Your local Conservative action team has a track record of getting things done - all year round, not just election times.

Working with residents, we have got many areas cleaned up; campaigned for safer roads; for tougher, visible law and order; for a better deal for council taxpayers and rent-payers; against congestion charges and extra road taxes and we always fight for a better Wednesfield.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 13th September 2008