December 7th 2019

By Election They Must Resign!

Councillor David Bourne elected in Wednesfield North as a Conservative Councillor and his wife Councillor Carol Bourne elected in Wednesfield South really must resign from Wolverhampton Council.

The Bourne crisis for the local Conservatives in Wolverhampton whistled out of the deep blue! But since the story broke with the Sunday Mirror publishing a report of the sexual activities of these two leading Conservatives, who it is alleged were selling sex.

There have been a range of emotions that have swept through the Village here in Wednesfield.

On Sunday there was incredulity that this sordid actions had been taking place, that quickly gave way to some ribald Black Country humour. Both the Bourne's are not what you would call everyone's idea of 'the body beautiful!'

The telephones were red hot all day, and the jokes were being cracked at will!

Those emotions then gave way to revulsion as the full enormity of their activity started to take hold, and by the Sunday night people were calling for the resignation of this couple of 'oddballs.'

On Monday people were angry as they are now, neither the Conservatives or the Bourne's have really addressed the public and giving an explanation why these activities were allowed to happen.

Now we hear that the Bourne's are going to resign the Conservative Whip, following a letter that they sent to the Conservative Party.

A letter that has not yet been published, that would.... one would have thought.... have at least explained why the Bourne's can resign the Party Whip, but not resign from elected office?

Now the Express and Star report that the Bourne's are going to continue to sit as Independent Councillors, and I understand that the Conservative Leader and his Cabinet team, whilst stripping him of Cabinet Office. Have placed Councillor Bourne on the Safer Communities Panel and the Licensing Committee.

Now this needs some clarification, and I hope that news and media will investigate and give the Conservative leadership the chance to tell the people why they have taken that action.

Do they really believe that the citizens of Wednesfield & Wolverhampton will be happy that these two Councillors have the trust and confidence of the remainder of the Council, the Police whom they will have to work with, and who are I understand already looking into the allegations?

How will a Wednesfield resident feel if these two turn up on their doorstep knowing that they have been allegedly selling their bodies for lewd sexual activities?!! Then purport to be acting on their behalf making Wolverhampton a Safer Community! I ask you.......

Finally if it is true that he remains on the Licensing Committee holding the power to licence Sex Shops and Pubs and a myriad of other controls!

What kind of message is that sending out.

The people of Wednesfield tell me that these two Councillors must resign from the Authority. If they do not then the law should force them too.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 11th September 2008