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By -Election-'Grusome two-some' and the Conservative Sex Scandal !

Councillors David Bourne and his wife Councillor Carol Bourne were elected Conservative Councillors here in Wednesfield. They have been feted by the Conservative Party leadership. But the allegation that they have been running a brothel from their home made in a leading Sunday Newspaper the Sunday Mirror has shocked our community to the core!
This man and his wife have sullied the good name of Wednesfield. They have acted in a disgraceful fashion, and have brought nothing but scandal to Wednesfield and the City of Wolverhampton.

Last night there was reports in the local evening newspaper that they were offering their resignations to the Conservative Party.

That suggests that they are leaving the Conservative Party to sit as an Independent. That will allow them to pick up their cash, which simply is not good enough.

They must resign from the City Council immediatley!

We all know that the dominant Councillor in this two some is Councillor David Bourne. He has the audacity to try and sit this one out and to wait for the storm to drop!

This tactic must not be allowed to happen. I have already written to the Cheif Executive of the City of Wolverhampton requesting that action is taken against these two Members.

Now the Conservative Party must explain how they promoted and praised these two very indulgent Conservative Party members when it is alleged that they have known that Members of their own political Party had suspected that they were involved in these type of lewd and sexual activities!

The local judgement of the Conservative Party leadership is also very much under the scrutiny spot light at the moment! We know that video has been used in the Councillor Bournes activities, is there a 'movie' waiting to be shown to journalists?

Can this Conservative disaster grow any worse for the City?
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Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 10th September 2008