June 18th 2024

By Election Resign Now!

The activity that surrounds the events of the week end continue to impact upon the City.
I have written a letter to the Chief Executive of Wolverhampton City Council concerning the civic positions that these Councillors hold, and some re-assurance that I have sought from the City Council's top Officer, following the shocking expose of the Councillors David and Carol Bourne by the Sunday Mirror, and the allegation that the newspaper made that they were operating a brothel.

Obviously, events are still unfolding but in terms of immediate actions, I can reassure the public that following contact I made with the Chief Executive of the City Council he informs me that steps are being taken to ensure that there is "no threat to the health and safety of young people" and to they are to " liaise with the appropriate bodies that may have an interest in the allegations that have been published in the media."

In the meantime David Cameron has been in the West Midlands today, and Labour Party activists gave him a leaflet at the rail station which informed him of the activities of his leading campaigners the Bournes!

I believe their action has brought great shame to the civic post they hold here in Wolverhampton, and I call upon the both of them to do the honourable thing and resign from the City Council immediately.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 8th September 2008