December 7th 2019

Liberal Democrat Another Name for Conservative

There is a great deal of fun to be had when you are not having to fill diary commitments,as I have proved this week end after a weekend has been spent playing golf with friends.
The background though is that I am still fielding requests from former constituents who require help and advice. I wonder how long this will take place? The Wolverhampton Labour Group in the meantime are facing up to a period where they will be the opposition. Liberal Democrats are some how trying to suggest that this is because the Labour Group did not treat them nicely.
The facts are that the Liberal Democrats are closely aligned to the Conservatives, this is proven following the arrangements in the 90's when the Liberal Democrats quickly sold their soul to the Conservatives to gain power.

Cllr Heap I understand has been suggesting in the press that the Labour Party had been beastly to the LibDems and that is why this time round they have joined with the Consrvatives in an alliance.
I think that if Labour were beastly to them as a Party, it is probably because the dye was set those years back when they sold their soul and their Independance as a political Party for individual positions of power. Then supported the Conservatives on a schedule of service cuts that hit Wolverhampton hard.

Voting Liberal Democrat means you are voting Conservative.Simple as that!

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 11th May 2008