June 17th 2024

Bishop should be pleased!

Here in Wednesfield North, I think all the political Parties will have been pleased to see a decline in BNP support. I think the Trades Council and the Bishop of Wolverhampton will have been very pleased to see this result.

The BNP Polled 1016 votes, in 2007 that figure reduced to 844 a -16.93% decrease. This year that vote again significantly came down, this time to 578 a whopping -31% decrease in the racist and fascist vote. This is good news for Wednesfield North!

Sadly two of the BNP assentors were former school governors here in Wednesfield North, and one still holds a position on the local Police Liaison Committee.

I think the Bishop and Wolverhampton Trades Council should feel very good this morning as electors in Wednesfield North clearly heeded their call to support other legitimate political Parties.


Article Date: 6th May 2008