June 18th 2024

BNP Vote Significantly Reduced

There will be a lot of analysis being undertaken following Thursday and the announcement of the City Council election results.
I just wanted to thank my friends and all the Labour voters for helping me and going out to support me by voting Labour. The election campaign was enjoyable and it is not all doom and gloom if you favour a fair and harmonious community. I congratulated the newly elected Councillor on her victory on the night.

I am sure that she will enjoy the role that she now has, I know that she was delighted on the night with her victory, and I certainly do not begrudge her that or what I hope was an enjoyable celebration afterwards.

There is good news for Labour as I did increase the Labour vote from last year by a substantial +13%. It was not enough for victory, but it is a very sizable vote and I thank Labour voters for having faith in me.

The further good news in the Polls was that in 2006 the BNP Polled 1016 votes, in 2007 that figure reduced to 844 a -16.93% decrease. This year that vote again significantly came down this time to 578 a whopping -31% decrease in the racist and fascist vote. This is good news for Wednesfield North!
Sadly two of the BNP assentors were former school governors here in Wednesfield North, and one still holds a position on the local Police Liaison Committee.

Considering what this Party stands for the Police must feel uncomfortable.
On Friday night I went out with the family to a local pub and had a good time!

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 5th May 2008